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The Right Blend

Aggregates of various sizes are specified to meet the criteria required for your specific job application. Aggregates add strength to the mix and we consider a variety of blending factors when mixing the concrete for your construction job.

Properties of Concrete

The principal properties of hardened concrete are:
  • Strength
  • Permeability and durability
  • Shrinkage and creep determinations
  • Response to temperature variations
Of these, compressive strength is the most important property of concrete.

How It Is Combined

We mix concrete to meet the mixing, pouring and setting properties you need for your job. For the materials to combine properly, we start with clean materials, then we carefully combine the correct quantities of each to get the right blend. Once we’ve correctly mixed your batch of concrete, we deliver it to your site for laying.

Our Commitment

SBS Concrete Aggregate Supplies is committed to the highest standards. We produce high-quality aggregates for our commercial concrete mixes and for DIY homeowners alike. Aggregates are available at all seven of our facilities throughout the Central Coast, where we provide our clients with everything they need to get their projects done right.

Available Products

Our aggregates are construction grade. Each preparation is carefully separated from other materials and handled to minimize segregation and degradation and to prevent contamination.
We offer the following products:
  • One-half-inch to 1-inch crushed rock
  • Three-fourths-inch crushed rock
  • Three-eighths-inch crushed rock
  • 3-inch minus crushed rock
  • Class II base rock
  • Recycled base rock
  • Rip rap
  • Washed sand
  • And more!
One-half-inch to 1-inch Crushed Rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Three-fourths-inch Crushed Rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Three-eighths-inch Crushed Rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
3-inch minus crushed rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Class II Base Rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Recycled Base Rock — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Rip Rap — Concrete in Hollister, CA
Washed Sand — Concrete in Hollister, CA