A Trusted Family Business Since 1961
We are the Central Coast’s leading concrete supplier.

Our History

Truck — History in Hollister, CA
In 1961, Theodore Schipper, a humble dairyman from Grants Pass in Oregon, made a decision to relocate his family to sunny California. His supportive wife Harriet along with their six children packed all their possessions in a 1948 Chevy truck and set off for new pastures in true pioneer spirit. They settled in San Jose, California.

Theodore started a small fertilizer business peddling bags of cow manure and sawdust from door to door. The business grew and prospered over time as did the family. To this day his nine children make up the backbone of the enterprise and the family bond and ethos remains a strong element of the business. To say that soil, concrete and aggregate is in their blood is an understatement. The company provides employment for 150+ members and over 40 of the staff are family who are active in the business and still perpetuate the hard work ethic started by Theodore and Harriet.

From the early days of Evergreen Garden Supply and then Evergreen Concrete, came further expansion and growth. With “customer service” as their priority came more demand for services from a wider community, and a subsequent batch plant was acquired in Hollister to serve the towns and communities of San Benito County, hence a new company was formed with the name “San Benito Supply.” As time went by, the footprint expanded to include batch plants in Watsonville, Salinas, Soledad, King City and Paso Robles.
A natural extension of the business was to own a quarry that could meet the company's need for a consistent and steady supply of quality aggregates. Our quarry known as “Hidden Canyon Quarry” is situated in Greenfield and provides the aggregate and rock needed for our batch plants, as well as for resale to our customers throughout Northern California and the Central Coast.

With the expanded footprint being what it is, a decision has been made to remove the shackles of a geography and to take on a name that is more representative of who we are – simply SBS. As of 1 September 2017, the Ready-Mix company is known as “SBS – Concrete. Aggregate. Supplies.

”We celebrate the journey we have enjoyed along the way, meeting and overcoming the obstacles we have faced, thanks to you, our loyal customers who have supported us all the way. We consider ourselves privileged and honored to serve you.

Do you have questions about our services? Contact SBS Concrete Aggregate Supplies at 866-789-6833 (MUDD).
Family — History in Hollister, CA
Golden Gate — History in Hollister, CA
Mixer — History in Hollister, CA