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Colored Concrete

Concrete Beyond the Ordinary

Whether you’re building a new home, putting up a new wall or adding a new driveway, walkway or patio to your existing home, SBS Concrete Aggregate Supplies can help you achieve the highest level of beauty and value possible with decorative concrete. Decorative concrete can be anything from colored to stamped or stained concrete. It’s one of the hottest trends in home and commercial construction today.

Color and Design Options

The freedom to choose your concrete color, instead of opting for the basic light gray, opens the aesthetic of your home to more variation. We carry a range of hues of green, tan, beige and brown.

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Using colored concrete is not unlike painting. A simple process enables you to change the look of a surface and to personalize it to your taste. ​Colored concrete is a great option to serve as a clean interior flooring surface, or for outdoor areas such as playgrounds and basketball courts. You’ll love the unique look you give your home or business.
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